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Shapeone arrange one-on-one sessions with professional fitness trainers in the client’s location, at the most convenient time
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Shapeone is also active in 2D & 3D gym design
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Shapeone is a sports and leisure company specializing in personal fitness training

Shapeone – Personal fitness trainers in israel – 2D & 3D Gym design service

Need a personal fitness trainer in israel?

Are you planning a trip to israel ? maybe to tel aviv or jerusalem and want to stay fit? NO PROBLEM! just let us know upon your arrival date and your contact information and we will take it from there.

Personal fitness trainer in Israel

Planning a trip to Israel? There’s no reason for your healthy lifestyle to take a break too! Welcome to Shapeone, your complete fitness solution in Tel Aviv. Shapeone is the perfect way to stay motivated, stay in shape, and learn new routines to enhance your fitness routine. All our expert personal trainers are professionally certified and speak your language, helping you to achieve your personal goals.

Israel’s beautiful beaches and parks are great locations for your one-on-one sessions with our trainer, or you can enjoy an indoor workout at your hotel or a private gym. Want to lose fat, boost your aerobic fitness, improve flexibility, and more? Shapeone trainers will take you step by step through workouts designed to suit your personal goals and fitness level. And we can give you tips on your existing workout routine..Read more

As long as you’re on vacation, Shapeone trainers will keep you on track.

2D and 3D Gym Design

Whether you want the perfect home gym room or are looking to design the ultimate fitness club, Shapeone offers you the highest quality 2D and 3D gym designing. Don’t spend more time messing with a 3D gym designing program than you would in the gym itself. Let Shapeone do it for you and provide you with the ideal 3D gym and weight room visualization, so you can see your dreams unveiled before you before you ever purchase the first piece of equipment.

When it comes to a new fitness gym in town, a solid gym layout plan can often make the difference in whether the business is successful. The right fitness gym design will not only draw in clients but will also keep them coming back instead of shopping around for a gym that they find easier to navigate (especially on busy days). In fact, the right interior design for a gym can allow the owners to charge a premium rate and still get more business than the more...